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The road to recovery ❤️

One question I often think about is: 
‘Why is there still so much stigma around mental health?’ 
I’m 18 and have suffered with mental health issues for a number of years and one thing that would be helpful is for more people to be more understanding and less to be judgemental. 
This year has been a hard year for me, however the past few months have been some of the hardest. A lot of things can happen in someone’s personal life that other people don’t see, know about or understand. The last few months in particular have been a struggle, in which I’ve struggled both mentally and physically. 

In June was when I first started counselling and I was very sceptical about this, I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t think it would work. However, after 4 months, in October I finished counselling. At the beginning of the sessions one of the main things that was established was I tried to fix everyone else and their problems and wasn’t focusing on myself. At the end of my sessions I was at a poin…
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Not everyday is a positive day

Mental health still has a massive stigma attached to it. For me I've always tried to be positive on my blog, however, not everyday is a positive day for people who are living with a mental health illness.

Having a mental health illness can be very exhausting, feeling fine when you wake up and then slowly declining throughout the day is exhausting and frustrating. This is how I’ve been feeling the last few months, I will have days when I’m fine, I’m happy and then I will have days when I’m low in mood, extremely anxious and don’t want to do anything. The past 3-4 months low mood and anxiety has definitely taken over me. When I finished college in June I didn’t have anything to focus on, throughout the summer I isolated myself, didn’t want to do anything apart from lay in bed, I was extremely anxious everyday and I was having negative thoughts on a regular basis. This for me was draining and very hard to cope with on a daily basis. Battling with my own thoughts and feelings daily bec…

Relapsing is part of the journey.

‘Just get over it’ 
‘Other people have it worse than you’ 
These are just some of the comments I hear on a regular basis. Having a mental illness can be very exhausting and draining.

At first I was positive and hoped this would be my constant mindset. However, after being positive about it all at the beginning I felt as though I had to be positive all the time but that is not always going to happen. Everyone has their own bad days and the way people deal with them is different. 

The past 3 months have been some of the hardest, battling with my own mind on a daily basis has been extremely hard. Isolating myself from people, not sleeping, not being honest with my therapist are just some of the things that made me realise I wasn’t myself anymore. I don’t feel like me, the Courtney I know is the one who socialises with people, laughs, jokes and sleeps all the time and this is not who I am right now. 

I have relapsed and it has hit me hard, harder than ever in fact. For me finding the courage…

Journey to recovery.

Just because someone is smiling, this does not mean they are happy. Many people who have a mental health illness smile to avoid people asking questions and sometimes people do not want others to know they are unhappy, me included.
The aim of my blog is to raise awareness around mental health and the past few posts have been positive, however, the past few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster. 
This will be one of the most personal posts I have posted probably since my first blog post. 
Leaving college...Since leaving college in June, I have slowly noticed a decline in my mental health again, may be this is because I have nothing to focus on anymore. At first I didn't really notice anything but as the weeks/months have gone by I have started to notice a lot more how much my mental health is declining. I have started to become very isolated, I don't do things with anyone, I would rather stay in my room and do nothing all day and the main reason for this is because of my anxi…

Self-care and recovery.

One thing I get asked on a regular basis is, how do you overcome ‘bad’ days and I often get stuck answering this question. This is because I don’t have just one thing that helps me overcome those ‘bad’ days, I have several things.  However, sometimes I let those bad days take over, but what I’ve learnt is to not feel guilty for taking time to myself and this is because it’ll only make me feel worse. Having a bad day does not mean your going backwards, everyone on a journey to recovery has those days and it’s completely fine and understandable for this to happen, but it is important to remember, don’t let that bad day make all of the other days bad. 
You CAN and WILL get through it! 

Self-careThere are so many different things people can do to help relax themselves, some including; Go for a walkExercise Watch a film Read a bookPamper yourselfHave a hot bubble bath Write down your thoughts & feelingsColour in
I personally find going for a walk, having a hot bath and writing down my thoug…

Developing & maintaining friendships.

Since leaving high school, I have learnt a lot about friendships, since talking out about mental illness, I have learnt a lot about friendships and since I started blogging I have learnt a lot about friendships too. 

High school friendships
When I first left high school, I moved areas and this was a big change, I was no longer going to college with friends who I had spent 5 years with (if not longer) and I HAD to make new friends. This in some ways was good, it built up my confidence, however, I lost a lot of my 'old' friends when we moved and this was obviously upsetting. At first I found this particularly hard, but now nearly 2 years on I realise that if people wanted to be in my life they would stay. I have now made loads of new friends whilst at college and this has given me a massive confidence boost.

Speaking out about mental illness
Then, when I made the decision to speak out about my mental illness, I definitely realised who my friends where and they were the ones who st…

How people with mental illness feel...

I’ve been a bit absent from blogging for a few weeks due to college & regular appointments but I’ve heard on the news the amount of celebrities that have sadly taken their own lives and this just shows how much of a taboo subject mental health still is, even in 2018! 
My heart goes out to all of their families & friends.
So many people suffer alone, they don’t want to worry their loved ones, they don’t want to be judged and they don’t want to be labelled by other people who don’t understand mental health! Since seeing in the news about celebrities taking their own lives, there has been a significant increase in how many people talk about mental health, however, it should be something that is talked about on a more regular basis, physical health is talked about all the time so why shouldn’t mental health be?  Just because you can’t see mental health illnesses, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist, so many people suffer alone because they are scared. 
‘No one knows what a smile is hidin…